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* Sandra is a gifted, dedicated, innovative and passionate Jewish educator. (Joy)


* Sandra creates a learning atmosphere which is both stimulating and meaningful! Her enthusiasm and passion is awe-inspiring! She makes learning come alive! (Judy)


* Dr. Sandra always gives her all! (Suzanne)


* Sandra has a unique ability to impart her broad-based knowledge of every branch of Judaism without judgment. As a result, her classes are vibrant, exciting, and filled with a passion for learning. She ignites a thirst for learning that spreads like wildfire. She inspires, motivates, and encourages all who learn with her. (Vivian)


* I feel very fortunate to have had the chance to study with you each winter. I truly miss your energy and joy for Jewish learning during the summer!!  (Janet)


* Sandra is an enthusiastic, inspiring, one-of-a-kind, dedicated teacher who makes learning fun. (Joyce)


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